About Stellar Corporate Housing

At Stellar Corporate Housing we believe that cultural diversity brings us closer together and permits better emphasis on clients’ and guests’ experiences.

Stellar Corporate Housing is an international corporate rental organization that assists corporations, global mobility consultants, relocation experts, HR managers, and individual business travellers in locating a varied selection of corporate housing solutions. We take pleasure in providing cutting-edge services in ten languages.

Stellar Corporate Housing was created by four women from four different ethnic backgrounds, a range of languages, and a shared vision. Camille, Co-Founder and Business Development Director, says, “Our ethnic heritage brings so much more value to our firm and how we approach ideas on a regular basis.”

Stellar Corporate Housing

Sandra, Co-Founder and Client Relations Director, adds to Camille’s comment, “being a mother of three small children, our company is providing greater flexibility to my daily life and allows me to conduct meaningful, tough work that gives me a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day but on my own terms. Lorena, Co-Founder and Financial Director believes that one of the key strengths at Stellar is the transparency with which the company operates with clients, suppliers, and employees. ‘Transparency builds trust, and trust builds solid relationships, which is a core value for all of us’.

The team has a total expertise of over 60 years in hospitality, tourism, and financial services and has previously worked for well-known companies in these fields. This incredible experience allows us to demonstrate a consultative approach to our clients by bringing a wealth of industry knowledge.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide stellar corporate housing services to our clients and to do so with love, passion, integrity, and appreciation. What a special mission to be serving our customers to the highest standard and quality while having the opportunity to evolve every day. Through our pursuit of excellence, we at Stellar Corporate Housing are enabled to think creatively and seek better ways to achieve our purpose.

Our Vision:

At Stellar Corporate Housing we believe in the power of collaboration, networking, and connections. We aspire to support people’s growth and development as well as demonstrating inspirational leadership principles in everything we do. We aim to build the heartiest partnerships in the industry founded on engagement, accountability, transparency, and communication.