Our Services:

Our company provides a variety of services to both businesses and individuals. Our clients benefit from individualized, high-quality service that is unrivalled. The services we provide to our clients are listed below along with a brief description.

Business Services:

Corporate Travel Management - Stellar Corporate Housing

Corporate Travel Management

Large corporate and worldwide firms wishing to elevate their travel program can benefit from our strategic travel management services

Internship Summer Housing Programmes - Stellar Corporate Housing

Internship Summer Housing Programmes

We collaborate with our clients to ensure that travel arrangements are planned to fulfil all their business requirements, considering efficiency, safety, timetables, and budget

Office Spaces Worldwide - Stellar Corporate Housing

Office Spaces Worldwide

For clients who require a private space to work on projects, we provide serviced
office spaces around the world

Supply Chain Management - Stellar Corporate Housing

Supply Chain Management

Design to maximize our customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace

Costs Negotiation & Saving Solutions - Stellar Corporate Housing

Costs Negotiation & Saving Solutions

Our experienced team successfully identify and challenge costs that are
either unreasonably incurred or unreasonably high through their supply chain.
We collaborate with our clients to help them cut costs.

Point Of Contact - Stellar Corporate Housing

Point Of Contact

We speed up information flow and inquiry processing to save our clients’ time
by providing you with a single point of contact

Corporate Housing Services:

Location - Stellar Corporate Housing


Corporate homes close to public transportation and important commercial districts

Point Of Interest - Stellar Corporate Housing

Point Of Interest

Accommodations near tourist attractions, shopping, eating,
and entertainment are all close by

Apartments Amenities & Standards - Stellar Corporate Housing

Apartments Amenities & Standards

Apartments with complete furnishings as well as Wi-Fi/High-Speed Internet
with streaming or cable TV is included

Buildings Amenities - Stellar Corporate Housing

Buildings Amenities

Optional features (pool, fitness centre, housekeeping service,
covered parking, welcome pack)

Furry Friends - Stellar Corporate Housing

Furry Friends

Options for pets and families

Availability - Stellar Corporate Housing


Customer service available 24/7/365